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With Skilldy, Materialize the skills of your teams, customers or partners.

A simple way to validate your company's expertise.

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Leverage your expertise

Your expertise, your know-how, your values and your commitments are assets that you must transmit and standardize. This applies to your employees as well as to your entire ecosystem: customers, distributors, partners etc. With Skilldy, turn your skill goals into factual results.

Elevate your human capital

You know it: It is the women and the men of your organization who make your succes ! Ensuring that their expertise is passed on to the widest possible audience is one of your top HR responsibility.

Increase their enthusiasm and commitment by delivering easily badges or certifications. Whether it's sales training, mastering IT tools or training in business processes, Increase your company's performance tenfold with skilldy.

Develop your employer brand

Employee engagement is directly linked to upskilling and reskilling programs and talent recognition. With Skilldy, offer your teams the possibility to make their expertises shine, internally and externally.

Micro certification is therefore a critical element in strengthening your organization's brand as an employer.

Drive your core competencies

Managing operational skills is a high value-added element for all companies seeking to improve performance. Far from complexities inherent in traditional skills repositories, Skilldy's plug&play approach opens up a new way to manage your employees and your partners skills.

Why use Skilldy?


An extremely simple platform to create badges or digital credentials


Valuing and sharing certificates on social networks has never been easier


Skilldy promotes learner engagement in their learning journey

Plug&play integration with your LMS

Boost the engagement of your online learners by enhancing the outcome of their learning journey.
Connect your training platform with Skilldy without any IT complexity.

Create value with professional certifications

Certificates generated by Skilldy are fraud-proof and secured through blockchain technology. Authenticity can be verified online or via a QR code.

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